An Accidental Masterpiece

That’s how our story began in 2012, when inventor Peter Smith mixed brandy with a Spanish drink known as Horchata whilst living in Spain with his wife Penelope. The result was simply amazing.
Peter experimented with the ingredient quantities to refine the recipe and everyone who first tasted the chance combination agreed it was delicious. Before long — though after a few nightcaps — Besos de Oro was born.
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Directly translated as ‘kisses of gold’, the drink serves up a luxurious taste and texture, bringing together two of Spain’s finest and most authentic ingredients, to leave that lingering feeling on your lips.

Why gold? It is said that when James I of Aragon came to the Kingdom of Valencia to help solidify relations before the impending Muslim invasion, he was approached in Alboraya, a small town near the modern capital city, by a young girl carrying a drink. She offered the King the drink, saying it was milk. After sipping it, he told the child, “Açò és or, xata!” which means “that’s gold, darling!”.

“Or xata” became orxata, or Horchata.

Whether or not this is the true history of the word, for locals, the drink is as precious as spun gold.

Who we are

We are a small team based in Nottingham. Our motto is simple — genuine people producing honest, feel-good drinks.

“This has got to be the best Irish Cream Liqueur I have ever tasted.”

Dexter Blackstock, ex Nottingham Forest and QPR Football Club player