Besos de Oro



Authentic flavours of Spain come together in the perfect pairing; fine brandy from Jerez de la Frontera blended in harmony with concentrated Horchata from Valencia. Simply pour over ice and savour.


Besos de Oro is a luxuriously blended ‘cream’ liqueur made from two of Spain’s most distinguishing flavours – a beautiful brandy from Jerez in the south of Spain and concentrated Horchata from the Valencian region.

Smoky notes of the Spanish brandy are effortlessly balanced by the cooling creaminess of the plant-based Horchata. The result is both decadent and delicious. Identical to traditional cream liqueurs in colour and texture, Besos de Oro is not made with dairy cream and is therefore completely suitable for vegans, without any compromise on taste.

Allergies – No allergens present, free from gluten, dairy, lactose, nuts, soya, suitable for vegans.

Ingredients – Brandy and Horchata

18% alcohol volume


  • Dairy Free

    We might have a milky taste but you won’t find any dairy products here.

  • Vegan

    A creamy alcoholic drink without a trace of animal products for vegans to enjoy, finally.

  • Nuts Free

    Not a nut in sight – our key tiger nut ingredient is actually a tuber of the Tiger Sedge plant.

  • Gluten Free

    Celiac and gluten-sensitive diet friendly, we’ve got your back.


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Besos de Oro and Besos de Chocolaté both have total mixability, they do not curdle, and they don't go off, even after opening, so make whatever you feel like.


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