The results are in…

We’re officially your favourite vegan cream liqueur!

As first covered in this METRO online article in September 2017 when Baileys Almande landed in stores, Besos de Oro was applauded by journalist Lisa Bowman as being the superior cream liqueur for vegans across the land.

“Besos de Oro is dairy, lactose, gluten, and nut-free, which is perfect for lactose intolerant/vegan nut allergy sufferers who can’t have traditional Irish Cream Liqueurs,”

Lisa was back in March with this article giving her honest taste test of the vegan cream liqueurs on the market. Her verdict – ours had the biggest kick and she couldn’t wait to try our chocolate flavour.

“Another tasty as hell creamy vegan liqueur is Besos de Oro, made by a small company who have been quietly making their wares for years.”

Opening up the floor for the public to have their say, our Besos variations were pitted against Baileys Almande, Marks & Spencer’s lauded alternative and readers’ homemade creations. Well, here are the results and they certainly speak for themselves…

Metro Poll

According to an independent poll by Metro (results from 28/11/2018).

We don’t like to gloat so let’s just leave it at that. However, as our golden journalist highlighted, it’s important to note that Besos de Oro was and will always be animal-product free in its entirety.

We’ve been about making guilt-free enjoyment from the beginning so salud to that!