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Don’t just take our word for it— here’s what some of our customers love about Besos de Oro… Got something to spill? Join the conversation on our social media channels and you too could feature here.

“This has got to be the best Irish Cream Liqueur I have ever tasted.”

Dexter Blackstock, ex Nottingham Forest and QPR Football Club player

“Besos de Oro is a brandy-based drink made with tiger nut horchata, and it’s got the biggest kick of all the vegan cream liqueurs. This one is strong. And delish. So it depends what you’re after.

I can confirm that Besos de Oro tastes great in an Irish coffee. Not that I drank this at my desk at work or anything. What? No, you shut up.”


Article: Metro

“This is gorgeous, this liqueur. I will have to go online to find some.”

Jenny Campbell, Dragons Den

“While Baileys has already launched an almond-milk alternative, go one better and pick up some cream liqueurs from Besos.”


Article: Standard

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Besos de Oro and Besos de Chocolaté both have total mixability. They do not curdle, and they do not go off, even after opening. So make whatever you feel like.


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