• Competitive 95.02% payouts
  • Simple to play
  • Lots of free games
  • Mac, PC, & mobile friendly
Rated: 76%
Graphics: 60%
Gameplay: 85%
Bonuses: 78%
Payback: 97%

Online slot Cleopatra is quite popular in all online casinos. Therefore, this article will provide users with a full Cleopatra slot review. The main features of this online slot are the following:

  • automatic play function;
  • new game mechanics;
  • the ability to play for free, as well as real money;
  • the possibility of demo games;
  • when playing for real money, you can use cryptocurrency.

Where to play Cleopatra?

Las Atlantis Casino
Casino Bonus
300% up to $3,000
Aussie Play
Casino Bonus
225% up to $2,250
Red Dog Casino
Casino Bonus
Welcome Bonus Up to 245%
Highway Casino
Casino Bonus
255% up to $3,000
Lucky Tiger Casino
Casino Bonus
$9000 + 60 Free Spins

Cleopatra Overview

Do not forget about the general characteristics of the online slot Cleopatra. After all, the Cleopatra slot online has a reasonably positive rating in various forums. In detail, you can get acquainted with the slot Cleopatra in the table below.

New Cleopatra slots bring an exciting twist to the classic Egyptian-themed slot games. With updated graphics, engaging gameplay, and modern features, these slots offer players a fresh take on an ancient world. While the iconic Cleopatra still reigns as a central character, these new versions often introduce innovative bonus rounds, free spin features, and enhanced visual effects. Players can embark on a thrilling journey through the Nile, seeking treasures and big wins. Whether it’s Cleopatra’s seductive charm or the allure of hidden riches, these new slots capture the essence of Egypt in a way that resonates with both seasoned and novice players, offering a blend of tradition and innovation.

  • RTP percentage 94.06%;
  • Volatility is high;
  • The maximum winnings of 1000 xB;
  • The minimum bet is 0.50;
  • The maximum bet of 150;
  • Seven Sevens 777 slot machine theme.

Given the information from this table, the Cleopatra slots game is of very high quality. Therefore, we advise every fan of online slots to try their luck in this game.

As you already know, Cleopatra free slots is a trendy gambling game in many countries. But this online slot is not just why it has gained massive popularity in the best online casinos.

The Cleopatra slot from IGT has many features and positive sides. It also has relatively high ratings on independent review sites. You should not forget about several primary advantages of this slot:

  • simple rules;
  • intuitive interface;
  • the function of customizable winning lines;
  • convenient minimum and maximum bet limits.

This online slot still has a vast number of different advantages. But we have pointed out the most significant of them to you. That is why we advise every internet casino user to play Cleopatra slot on both mobile and tablet. After all, in this slot, you will be able to get a lot of benefits.

Note that each user will be able to play Cleopatra slots online free. After all, this online slot features a demonstration game. With this, you can quickly and completely free to learn how to play the slot, Cleopatra. And after that, you can start playing for real money. But to play for real money, you will need to register:

  1. Find an online casino where the Cleopatra slot is present. Registering and making deposits only on official and verified sites online casinos is essential. Otherwise, you risk losing your money or bank and personal data.
  2. In particular fields for registration, enter your e-mail and create a password. It is essential to specify an accurate and valid e-mail. Otherwise, you will not be able to confirm your account after registration. Also, when creating a password, it is desirable to use different letters and numbers so that it would be harder to crack.
  3. After registration, confirming the account with a particular letter is necessary. This letter will come to the e-mail indicated at the registration. You will need to enter in a particular field the secret code received in the letter.
  4. After completing the registration process, you can quickly start playing free Cleopatra slots online. But you must deposit on favorable terms to play for real money. Also, do not forget that in this online slot, you can get a lot of great and very profitable bonuses.

But many users need to know absolutely everything about the slot they will play. So we give you a table in which the main parameters are the free Cleopatra slot game. We advise you to read it carefully. This will help you quickly become an experienced player in this online slot.

New Cleopatra slots are a captivating addition to the world of online casino games. These modern iterations of the classic Egyptian-themed slots take players on a journey back in time to the age of pharaohs and pyramids. With updated graphics, immersive soundscapes, and innovative bonus features, they provide an exciting and engaging gaming experience. While paying homage to the iconic Cleopatra, these slots introduce fresh elements and chances to win big, making them a popular choice among slot enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to the historical allure of Egypt or seeking thrilling gameplay, these new Cleopatra slots offer a delightful combination of tradition and innovation.

Autoplay Options
3D Graphics
Mobile Version
Release Date
Minimum Bet
Maximum Bet
Minimum Bet Line
Maximum Bet Line
Win Both Ways

Also, many online casino users and slot lovers are interested in less critical information about the game. So in the following table, we will indicate the essential requirements and rules of Play Cleopatra for Real Money.

Do not forget that users can get Cleopatra Free Spins and Bonus Offers in this slot. Thanks to these privileges, winning real money will not be a problem for players. The main thing is not to ignore the possibility of using these bonuses in the game. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing a considerable benefit and advantage.

Beginners often choose free demo versions to gain experience and knowledge, practicing for free in demo mode. But also for the professionals, this choice will be pretty interesting. After all, before making bets for money and choosing an interesting one for your machine, you can test it in demo mode. Thus it will be possible to understand whether it brings you luck. And if the frequent victories, you can bet on this slot. If not, you can train more or choose a different machine.

Bonuses from online slot Cleopatra, or casinos that have this gambling game, users can get different types of bonuses. We are talking about 256-bit encryption, antivirus utilities, and other ways to protect private data. This also applies to the data of the registered user, who leaves the data of his payment systems on the site. But the most popular and often used bonuses for Cleopatra slots online were and still are the following:

  • free spins. This type of bonus is one of the most popular and famous for fans of online slots. After all, thanks to this bonus, users can play for real money without losing anything if they lose;
  • additional funds in the game balance. Players can use these funds to bet during the game in the slot Cleopatra. With their help, everyone can quickly win their starting real money and withdraw them any way they want;
  • cashback feature. With this bonus, each user will be able to get back a specific process of losing money once a week. And the higher your status in the online casino with the Cleopatra slot, the higher the cashback percentage will be.

Given all the information presented in this review, we can safely conclude that Cleopatra online slot is very high quality. You should register, get your bonus and start winning real money.

Cleopatra Demo


Cleopatra Pros & Cons

As you may have already understood, the online slot Cleopatra has many advantages. But it is worth pointing out some of the main pros and cons of Cleopatra free slot games. The main thing with them is to be carefully acquainted. This will help you not to miss important details that will help you during the game. The main advantages of the online slot Cleopatra are the following:

  • the presence of in-game bonuses;
  • high payout ratios;
  • easy gameplay;
  • beautiful graphics.
  • no progressive jackpot;
  • is served in a small number of languages;
  • no 3D graphics.

But despite the vast number of pluses, there are some minuses in the Cleopatra slots app. But the presence of minuses does not mean this online slot is terrible. After all, there are disadvantages to almost everything in this world. Also note that most of these minuses are almost invisible, so they are insignificant.

But the presence of these minuses does not make online slot Cleopatra bad. After all, it is still relatively high quality. And most players may not even notice the above disadvantages. So users can quickly start playing Cleopatra slots free. And win with a pretty good amount of real money.

Still, the positive sides of Cleopatra slots free online far more than the negative. So, advise every user to try playing this online slot. And in it, you will be able to get not only the money but a vast amount of positive emotions. Do not forget about a good gaming experience.

Remember that to get all the benefits of Cleopatra free slot game. You need to play only on the official sites of online casinos. After all, only there can you win large sums of real money. And also take advantage of all the advantages of the online slot. After all, they are handy and beneficial to all types of fans of gambling.

Taking advantage of Cleopatra slot sites can help every user. Regardless of whether you are a new user of online casinos or a professional gambler. So we advise you not to ignore the opportunity to use these bonuses. And then you will sooner or later be able to win the jackpot of the online slot Cleopatra.

Do not forget that other pluses and minuses can appear with updates to this online slot. But if any problems arise during the game, each player can contact the support service of the slot. And this service will quickly help you solve the problem and soon remove the deficiencies you have noticed in the slot.

Cleopatra Slot Features

Free slot games Cleopatra has not only a lot of positive and valuable features. It also has a vast number of features. With these features, the game for each user will be the most profitable and exciting. Get acquainted with the main features of the slot Cleopatra, as well as those that are missing, as you can see in the table below.

Wild Symbol
Free Spins
Stacked Symbols
Gamble Feature

Each listed in the table features of the slot is unique. Therefore, each user can find something new in free Cleopatra slot games. Considering even experienced and professional online casino players. Also, these features will help you get the most out of playing the Cleopatra slot.

Don’t forget that the Cleopatra slot has a demo mode. With Cleopatra demo mode, new players can learn to play this slot without spending any money. An experienced player can enjoy the gameplay. And do not worry about money on their game balance.

Also, thanks to the features of the Cleopatra slot RTP players can significantly simplify the game for themselves. After all, some features can help the player increase the amount of money won several times. Therefore, do not forget to use various bonuses or special symbols in this online slot. And free spins will help you win cash without investing at all.

Another essential feature of free online Cleopatra slots is auto-play. So in parallel with the game, users can do other things. Autoplay itself will turn off after a specified period or if the user receives a big win, which makes this feature even more helpful for the players.

Do not forget that when playing in the slot, Cleopatra users remain entirely safe. After all, special software safeguards all your personal and banking information. So you can not worry about your money. Also, all players can quickly and easily withdraw the money won in this slot. After all, you can even use cryptocurrency during the game in it.

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Soon or later, players of the Cleopatra slot machine have various questions about its operation. Therefore, in this article, our team has collected some of the most popular and frequently asked questions on this topic. Thanks to our answers, users will not need to waste time looking for answers themselves. And you will be able to start playing this online slot immediately.

How does the Cleopatra slot machine work?

For this slot machine is a high percentage RTP. This game is in great demand and popularity. Therefore, Quick Hit slot online assigns a high percentage of RTP. This allows players to get a more significant profit. And in turn, it fuels interest in the Wheel of Fortune.

What is the RTP on Cleopatra slot machine?

The slot machine Cleopatra has pretty high rates of average payout. Because of this, each slot user can win quite a reasonable amount of real money. Each player can also choose the level of volatility of the slot. That will help you win even more real money.

What are the best Cleopatra casino sites?

Online free Cleopatra slots are trendy in the United States and other countries worldwide. Therefore, users can find this online slot at any popular and best online casino. Each casino site with this slot has its characteristics. Therefore, users choose for themselves the best casino with this online slot.

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